The Armed Forces Race Challenge is organised by a committee of volunteers from all three Services, some veterans and some civilian guests.  AFRC is primarily to provide a motor racing community for Service personnel and veterans, but we also invite selected guests to compliment the competition.13533304_514061285459979_3200963791801423298_n-1

Operating from 2006 to 2013 as the RAFMSA Race Challenge, the series was re-branded in 2014 to welcome all three Services into the competition.  In 2015 the race format changed to 40 minute races with the option of entries being shared by two drivers with up to two cars.  As the previous series, AFRC still rewards consistency rather than outright pace the compulsory pit stop during the race splits each race into two consistency scores.

For 2017 our competition will be enhanced by operating as an official championship.