The Championship

Running as an official UK championship for the first time in 2017 the committee are dedicated to building AFRC into a better competitive product for the competitors.  The whole ethos behind AFRC is to neutralise budget by rewarding consistency rather than outright pace.


Competitors are awarded a Performance Index (PI) based on their consistency.  Championship points are awarded based on the overall PI classification (highest PI wins).  Each entry receives two scores per meeting as the two stints are separated by a compulsory pit stop.  The overall championship will be decided by adding up the best four scores for each competitor from three different venues.

1st: 20 points

2nd: 17 points

3rd: 15 points

4th: 13 points

5th: 11 points

6th: 10 points

7th: 9 points

8th: 8 points

9th: 7 points

10th: 6 points

11th: 5 points

12th: 4 points

13th: 3 points

14th: 2 points

15th: 1 point


There are five teams competing for the teams championship in AFRC, these are: British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy/Royal Marines, Veterans and Guests.  The points awarded per team at each event will be the average PI of their representative competitors.  Note: An entry may have two drivers sharing from separate teams, these drivers score for their own team.