We are open for registration for the 2017 championship.  Please use this link to apply for registration.


Contact us for entry status and car validity

Please email us giving details about yourself, your car and when you plan to start competing in the AFRC. We will add you to our drivers mailing list and ensure you receive all driver bulletins and regulations updates:

Race licence: Drivers will require a minimum of a National B Race Licence.


Entry Fees 2017

Registration costs £30 (paid directly into our bank account) and will include the championship graphics, competition numbers, discount directory and other useful goodies.  Please use the link at the top of this page to apply.

The registration packs will be sent out early in March in time for the first event.

All competitors will also need to be member of 750 Motor Club.  Membership is £20 per year and is available to purchase here.


Race Bookings

Race booking will be done by email with the entry fee paid direct into our back account.  The race booking isn't finalised until the entry fee is paid in full and will be confirmed by Email.  Entries received less than three weeks before the meeting will be subject to a £20 increase.

18th March - Donington Park GP - £335 (or £355 from 25th Feb onwards)

29th April - Silverstone National - £335 (or £355 from 8th Apr onwards)

29th July - Cadwell Park - £285 (or £305 from 8th Jul onwards)

9th September - Rockingham ISSC - £335 (or £355 from 19th Aug onwards)