Cadwell Park Race Booking Information

Due to the popularity of AFRC Championship 2017 we’ve had to take an approach to the race at Cadwell Park to ensure the championship is conducted as fairly as possible.  The AFRC championship regulations state that a substitute event is permitted for Cadwell Park in the event the AFRC race is over subscribed, 750MC Roadsports is that substitute event (identical format).

The Army, Navy/Marines, RAF and Veteran teams have been allocated a set number of entries on the AFRC grid at Cadwell Park.  Service teams have 8 entries each and the Veteran team have 4 entries, entries can be shared between two cars.  Entries over the 8 allocated will be accommodated on the 750MC Roadsports race and will attract a £20 refund (or credit carried over to Rockingham).  Guest drivers with cars suitable for Roadsports will race on that grid but still be accommodated in the AFRC paddock with the normal hospitality service.  Guest drivers with cars unsuitable for Roadsports (have already been contacted) will be placed on a reserve list incase the Service team allocations are not taken.

Team Captains have been instructed to provide detail on who is representing their team no later than 1 Jun 17.  Those who have booked and paid already and are not selected by their team manager can transfer to Roadsports or request a refund.  Team Captains will issue the booking password to the selected drivers once the team nominations have been submitted.