2017 R2 Silverstone Success!

The weather was kind to the organisers and competitors yesterday at Silverstone for the 2nd round of the AFRC 2017 Championship.  No fewer than 36 competitors were present, equalling the biggest AFRC grid from Donington last month.

Max Coates was on hand to deliver his ‘MAXTER CLASS’ giving drivers a thorough overview and hints and tips of the circuit.

Qualifying saw numerous cars out of position due to the difficulty to get a clear lap in with so many cars on the short national layout, but was mostly without incident.

The competitors, their teams and guests were looked after by the championship catering / drinks service which made sure the drivers were prepared for the competition in the afternoon.

The race got underway slightly ahead of the published schedule and other than a short safety car period before the pit window opened at 15 minutes it was without incident.

A huge thank you goes to our supporters, sponsors, competitors (and their supporters), 750 Motor Club and last by certainly not least the officials and marshals how make sure we’re safe competing out there.

Class C

3rd – Paul Waterhouse – Peugeot 306 GTi6

2nd – Richard Smith / Matt Tidmarsh – Mazda MX5 Mk3 / Mazda MX5 Mk3

1st Mark Inman – VX220

Class B

3rd – Mark White – Honda Civic Type R

2nd – Chris Wood – BMW 328i

1st – Daz Smee – Honda Intregra K20

Class A

3rd – Ian Smythe – Fisher Fury

2nd – Paul Cook / Wayne Lewis – BMW M3 E46 / BMW M3 E46

1st – Darren Berris – Westfield V8

Performance Index

5th – Ian Fletcher (Vets) – Fletcher Hornet Mk2

4th – Richard Scott (RN) – Peugeot 206GTi

3rd – Keith Attwood (RN) – Mini R50

2nd – Chris Slator (RAF) – Peugeot 306 Rallye

1st – Dom Benfell (RAF) – Lotus Esprit Turbo

Trophies proudly provided by Race To The Finish F1 Memorabilia.

2017 AFRC R2 Silverstone Trophy Winners. N.B Mark White (Class B 3rd) absent due to judicial adjustments to results at the time of presentation.